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Monday 9 June 2014

Dev C++ Best Turbo C/C++ Alternative For beginners

This Post is specially dedicated to frustrated C/C++ beginners learners to download and install best alternative of legendary Turbo C++ compiler on windows 7/8/8.1 . 

dev c++

For more Clarification Watch below video tutorial, step by step procedure is explained to install DEV C++ on windows operating system.              


  • Why Dev C++??? 

Now a days its very complicated to install Legendary Turbo C++ compiler on latest  windows though there are too one click installer available on internet to install Turbo C++ on any version of latest windows OS and the best of them is C++ By Yogisoft , but they ruin at some execution code many times and became very frustrating!!!!

  • What is Dev C++?

Well Bloodshed Dev C++ is a full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Learning C/C++ programming language on windows operating system. Dev-C++ is Free Software distributed under the GNU General Public License.

dev c++


Get it from CNET Download.com!

How to Download and Install Turbo C/C++ on Windows 10 32/64 bit
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Wednesday 4 December 2013

Turbo C/C++ For Android Mobile Download & Run

The target of this article is to help C++ learners to run Turbo c++ on Android Devices.
how to run turbo c/c++ on android devices

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In this post, i will show you how to install legendary Borland Turbo C/C++  compiler  (which is well known by C.B.S.E School Computer Science students) on latest & very popular Mobile OS . Off-course  Android mobile or Android tablet devices.
In the event that you are Computer Science learner and have C/C++ dialect in your study syllabus , and when you need C/C++ compiler in your grasp anyplace whenever without a PC .

This Post surely going to be awesome for you. :)

What Do you need?

When we have to run Turbo C/C++ On Windows 8 64 bit O.S.

We need DOSBOX to emulate turbo c/c++ , but Now we are working with Android ,

So Simply We need an Android Version of  DOSBOX Emulator.

Now -a -days There are three most popular android version app of dosbox emulator  in Google Play Store Market.

  • dosbox turbo (paid)

 Download any above one, i prefer adosbox. its free , fast and easy to use.

Steps for installation....

Step 1) Download Turbo C/C++ (Link Updated)

  •  Download Borland Turbo C++ 3.0 (link) . Once it is downloaded right click on the folder and choose to extract it on your Mobile Phone Memory  root folder.(not in SD Card). You must have to rename folder name TurboC to "TC" it is necessary .

Step 2) Install Android version of Dosbox

  • Download and install aDosBox (link)  on your Android Mobile/Tablet. or download latest version of adosbox from google play store.(Recommended)

Step 3)Configure aDosBox (Code Updated)

  • Run aDosBox and type below code as it is!!!
cd tc

cd bin


Step 4) Configure directory paths. (Optional)

If you are facing directory errors during compiling process then  you must have to change directory paths same as show below in snapshot from Options -> Directories.

TurboC directory paths

My Sample run snapshot of turbo c on android. (Samsung)


code screen turbo c on android
First Code Screen Turbo c++


compile on android
Compile Success !!! (no error found ) yappiiii!!!


run output screen on android
Output Run Screen on Android....hurray

                                                         [DOWNLOAD APK FILE]


Now Enjoy Coding!!!!

First Run android turbo c++

For comprehension these steps effectively I have included a video beneath that will help you in downloading -> configuring-> Running  Turbo c++ on android OS. :)

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So Whatz Next!!!!
Simple one step user friendly Android App Coming Soon on Google Play Store.
Stay Connected With Us. 
If you have facing any Problem during installation procedures contact Us on our contact us Form link on Navigation Bar Top or comment below!


Monday 7 October 2013

Turbo C++ for ubuntu/linux using dosbox

turbo c ubuntu,linux using dosbox

The target of this article is to help C++ learners to run Turbo c++ under Ubuntu (Linux) O/s.

Turbo c++ is a quite generally utilized compiler for C and C++ in most Indian schools  and universities/colleges (SPECIALLY DELHI UNIVERSITY). Despite the fact that there are numerous different compilers like Eclipse Cpp (not to be confounded for Eclipse IDE for Java), CINT and so on accessible on the house and offer better functional and intriguing IDE characteristics, numerous schools and universities are even now utilizing Turbo c++ which is an old fashioned compiler. As scholars are never presented to such new engineering upgrades, they are not sure about utilizing most recent C++ compilers.

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The excuse for why Turbo C++ can't run under Ubuntu is  in light of the fact that turbo C++ is constructed for Dos. Yet there is a method for doing it. The answer for this issue is utilizing Dosbox, which is a Dos emulator for Linux O/s. Dosbox has a repution of being extremely light and stable emulator for Dos based projects and was created with the intension of utilizing it to imitate Dos amusements and systems on linux frameworks.

You may be asking why I picked Dosbox in place of Wine, well thats since wine can't handle dos programs like Turbo C++, and I would say wine is  overwhelming on the framework as it is essentially implied for Windows based projects.

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Steps for installation....


Download DOSBox Emulator from USC [Ubuntu Software Center].

download dosbox from ubuntu software centre


Run this command in terminal(Ctrl+Alt+T): 


sudo apt-get install dosbox

When your done installing Dosbox you will now require the turbo C++ installation setup which could be downloaded from here(download).(LINK UPDATED)

Unzip the setup zip folder and place the files in home/your-user-name directory (* Necessary)

Now open up Dosbox and Type in the below code (in separate lines):

mount c ~
cd setup

mount dosbox to run turbo c

     This will start the setup of  Turbo C++.

turbo c installation setup

     Here choose the destination drive as c and source path as setup in the next window.

source drive to use turbo c

   Select "Start Installation" in the below window.

start installation

Turbo C++ is now installed on Dosbox. You may consider checking it by executing the following code on Dosbox (in separate lines):


cd TC\bin


Step 2) Creating the configuration file

creating configuration file

Run this command in DOSBOX to generate the configuration file which will be stored as: /home/user-name/dosbox.conf.  Ensure you enter your system user-name in place of "your-username" in the below code:


config -writeconf /home/your-username/dosbox.conf

Step 3) Creating auto-mount and emulating in fullscreen.

auto mount in full screen

Open dosbox.conf that we created earlier in any text editor, which you will find it under home/your-username, and configure DOSBOX for auto-mount.

Add the following lines at the end of the configuration file as shown in the above highlight.

mount c ~ /home/your-username/

Now to set the default screen size to full-screen, find the word fullscreen in the same file (dosbox.conf)  and change its value to true:

Now you are done setting up the configuration file for Dosbox to auto-mount and emulate in fullscreen. Save the file and close it.

Step 4)  Deleting Ctrl+F9 key to avoid shutdown of Dosbox

And in the end you will have to delete a key from the Dosbox keymapper : Ctrl+F9
Since Ctrl+F9 is a Shutdown key in Dosbox you may feel very irritated with it, as the same key is used to compile a program in Turbo C++.

To work-around this issue, open dosbox and hold Ctrl+F1. Now in the window, select theshutdown option on the right hand side bottom, click on delete and then save and exit. This should remove the keymap to Shutdown DOSBOX.

dosbox key mapping

Step 5) Creating Launcher

To make things more convenient, we will create a launcher so that you can run your compiler just by double clicking on it. Here's how you can do it: 

Right click on the desktop and select create launcher.
Name: Turbo c++
command: dosbox -c TC.EXE -c EXIT

creating launcher for dosbox

and now its all set for you to enjoy Turbo C++ on Ubuntu./linux
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Note: Since we have set Dosbox to open in fullscreen you may consider the Alt+Enter key to use it under seamless mode  .

If you have any trouble on the installation procedures contact me on www.facebook.com/turbocforwindows8
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